Benefits of Living Near a Golf Course

Golf Course

Living near a golf course can have its pros and cons. This does not only go for golfing enthusiasts or business people. It also goes for regular chums who are interested in getting to know the sport or just happen to live near one. But, for now, let’s talk about the pros:

A golf course is one of the most lucrative amenities that the rich and the enthusiasts look for when hunting for real-estate properties. The land value does not only have a good location, its value also appreciates much faster than other residential areas. The value of the property also improves because of its accessibility. Having a golf course nearby means the developers have created various roads that will lead to the venue.

Since these areas sell off fast and rightly so because of its land value, this also means that a lot of people will be looking out for people who would want to sell their properties in the area. Whether you flip the house or not, there will be sure buyers for your property just in case you want to sell it and move to another house in the same neighborhood.

Golf courses and its vast green fields provide a certain level of calm and tranquility to nearby residences. The luscious green trees and warm daylight is a great stress buster after a day of toil and traffic jam. Research shows that silence, accompanied by simple meditation can decrease the chances of depression and other mental health related diseases. Exposure to safe levels of the sun helps our bodies regulate our hormones, particularly the Serotonin. This hormone helps to keep us focused and stress free. This means that living near golf courses do not only give you prestige but also protection against the harmful effects of the chaotic environment.

If you have acres and acres of nice roads and shaded walk paths, wouldn’t you be encouraged to take a leisure walk or a quick run in the morning? Imagine gentle breeze caressing your face while you burn those calories. Living near the golf course provides this incidental perks because they are well maintained by the golf course management. If you think running and brisk walking is not for you, better grab that golf club and start swinging it. You do not have to be a pro to play, every good player started as a novice.

An environment near the golf course gives you a lot of opportunities for a me-time moment. You can open your windows sit on your couch and enjoy the sunset while you enjoy a cold glass of wine’ or you can start running your bath for a good soak while listening to the chirping of the birds. Not to mention freshly cut grass; golf courses has to be trimmed regularly so they don’t grow into bushes.

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