Best Places for Brunch near Haggin Oaks Estates

Heavy Brunch

With bacon, waffles, mimosas, who doesn’t love brunch? Brunch is a staple meal for the weekends, especially for young families. But not everyone has the time to make pancakes and mix fruit juices. It is becoming more and more important nowadays for neighborhoods to have good brunch places families can go to.  

In Sacramento, you will not run out of options for brunch places. We have compiled the best brunch spots near Haggin Oaks States for you! That way, you never have to eat a piece of soggy bacon again!  


The Waffle Experience is located in Gateway Park Blvd. It is named as such for a very specific reason – that is, you will never have a waffle experience like this. They take pride in their incredibly unique waffles. They have two types – herb and liege. Herb is savory, and liege is fluffy and tasty. Pair with their crunchy chicken, and you are in brunch heaven. They use the freshest ingredients, so their food is always of the highest quality. There is always a line for these waffles, but we are here to tell you that the wait is worth it.  


If you are into the organic food train, we have the best option for you. Co-op is known for having the best locally-sourced organic produce in Sacramento. Even local chefs who are earning a name for themselves frequent this place because of its delicious offerings. The brunch is served on buffet islands, which makes it even more fun and festive. Co-op is located on R St., Sacramento. When you are there, do not forget to try their flapjacks, they are cooked to perfection! Vegan options are also available. There is something for everybody, so this is a great place to bring families and friends. You can also try their smoothie bar so that you can get that vitamin boost in your body! 


This restaurant was established in 2012. Ever since its opening day, it has become a local favorite. It is located at the Tahoe Park neighborhood of Sacramento and is now conveniently located off the 50 freeway. From its name, you immediately know that this place is the place for brunch and breakfast. Bacon and butter? That is like the reason for having brunch in the first place. But we kid you not. This place is known for its delicious food and impeccable service. Despite being busy and full all the time, service quality is never compromised.  


Brunch does not always have to be waffles and pancakes. Chevy’s proved that time and time again. This restaurant is a brunch favorite among the residents of Sacramento. They make their food from scratch with farm-fresh ingredients. Weekend brunch is a feast since they also serve bottomless Mimosas and Marys! The atmosphere is very relaxed, and the food is superb. If you fancy Mexican food for brunch, this place is the definite go-to! 

Be closer to these incredible restaurants by living in an equally amazing community! Haggin Oaks is your best bet when it comes to living a fun Sacramento life! Call us at (916) 487-7454 to learn more!