Manufactured Homes: The Future of Housing

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Manufactured homes, more commonly known as mobile homes in the early days, have been around for a long time. Construction of manufactured homes boomed after World War II as they were more of am affordable and quickly built form of housing for everyone.

Over the years, manufactured homes have become bigger and bigger, allowing for more customization for homeowners. A law has also been passed to ensure modular homes are built according to strict national standards and to conform to federal building codes.

Manufactured homes may not have been the choice for housing in the past, but times have changed, and prefab homes are rising in popularity, making it the home of the future. Here are some reasons why.

It is generally cheaper.
Customization of any house can be pricey, but manufactured homes will give you a choice to keep costs at a minimum. What differentiates manufactured homes from the traditionally-built houses is that every part of a manufactured house is prefabricated in a factory and is delivered to the site of use. This drives the material costs lower because of the assembly-line construction, meaning less manpower is required to build each part of your house.

Parts of a manufactured home is also built indoors, which means they can be produced even during inclement weather conditions. This reduces delays and minimizes subsequent costs because of delays in completing the project.

Building modular homes also do not have fixed prices, which allows buyers some wiggle room to negotiate for a lower cost.

It is faster to build.
Since parts of the house are built offsite, these can be continuously be produced even with different weather conditions and other local disruptions. This means faster build time compared with the traditional stick-frame builds which are affected and delayed by changes in weather. This allows for faster build time, up to 50 percent faster or a matter of weeks compared to the traditional building of a house.

It is environment-friendly.
As earlier stated, manufactured homes are built offsite in assembly-line production facilities. This allows for less waste generated while building the structure, compared to on-site construction.

And with the technological advancements today, prefabricated homes are also made more Earth-friendly with the use of green materials such as a roof with solar panels or rainwater catchment, bamboo floors, energy-efficient windows, insulated walls, etc.

It has improved over the years.
Innovation has also paved the way for smart and more weather-resistant manufactured homes. Companies producing manufactures houses have engineering departments that continually improve the prefabrication of house parts using cutting-edge architecture and quality materials.

These are just some of the benefits of choosing manufactured homes.

In California, more and more people have embraced manufactured housing because of its attractive prospects.

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