Why a Mobile Home Community is Perfect for Seniors


Most people have the dream of owning their space when they grow older. But the insanely expensive real estate market prevents people from doing so.

For this reason, many elderly people find comfort in knowing that there is an available option of a mobile home community.

Over time the image of mobile homes and trailer parks has been developing. Forget the boho-looking or the ‘60s vintage vibe; mobile home communities now are different from before. They have become a safe and secure environment for a growing number of residents.

Below, you will find three good reasons why a mobile home community is perfect for seniors.

1. Owning a space in a mobile community is way cheaper.

Let’s face it. Paying a mortgage is the biggest reason why people find it hard to have their own space. Buying a typical house and lot takes a great toll in one’s finances.

Mobile communities offer almost the same privileges of owning a typical home at a more affordable price. According to the Manufactured Housing Institute, buying a space in mobile homes are cheaper by about 10 to 35 percent than having regular site-built houses.

For seniors, this is a great proposition. Even at an older age, they are presented with the opportunity to own space at a cheaper cost. There is little fear in taking such a big step even for those who are about to retire or have retired since the amount they are required to shell out is significantly lesser.

2. Close-knit environment

The best thing about mobile communities is having a close-knit environment. Since the space is smaller, residences are closer to each other. Friendliness and neighborliness are common traits in these communities.

This is considered as an advantage, especially for senior citizens. Having people around you that are close and easy to reach is important.

In case of emergencies, neighbors can easily check up on you and help you if needed. Mobile communities generally offer a sense of belongingness to a group.

Loneliness can be managed, and seclusion does not usually become a problem.

3. Safe and secure community

Mobile communities have safety and security features that are comparable to gated villages.

Contrary to pop-culture belief, mobile communities are not freely accessible to everyone. These spaces have limited ingress and egress. The dangers of outsiders disrupting the community are more imagined than real.

The similar benefits of gated spaces usually sought after by the elderly are made available in mobile communities nowadays.

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