Why Are Mobile Home Communities Perfect for Pet Parents?

Pet Dogs

The United States is generally a pet-friendly nation. In fact, 68% of American households have an animal companion at home. State and federal laws ensure the safety and well-being of our pets, and many a fur-parent generally consider pets as family more than anything else. 

 As more Americans opt for manufactured housing options for its affordability, accessibility, and lower maintenance costs, mobile home parks like Haggins Oaks Estates in Sacramento, California have grown more popular.  

Our pocket neighborhood is a fully gated and secure 74-space mobile home and RV park directly adjacent to the Haggins Oaks Golf Club. Aside from being a welcome option for growing families and retirees, our community is also great for pet owners, and here are three reasons why:   

Lots of Open Space for Activity 

Dog owners will tell you that their furbabies tend to be a lot more agreeable and well-disposed when they’ve had a healthy dose of daily activity– lots of playing and running around. 

Haggins Oaks Estates has lots of wide-open space for you and your canine companion. With mature trees throughout the park, you can spend quality time together outdoors in the shade. 

An added bonus: as your dog gets his daily exercise, so do you! As the saying goes, “walk a hound, lose a pound.” 

Like-Minded Neighbors 

Chances are, you’ll be meeting fellow pet owners around the park as well. This isn’t just a good opportunity to share tips and exchange information. This is also a chance to make new friends, do some networking, and maybe even organize activities together.  

As areas around Haggins Oaks serve as gathering spots for pet parents like yourself, your pet will also enjoy frolicking and socializing with the others, and so it’s a win-win all around.   

Nearby Pet-Friendly Establishments 

With easy access to the I-80 and other nearby establishments, you have a wide variety of pet-friendly places (aside from your usual pet supplies retailers and veterinarians).  

Our nearby recommendations for you and your canine buddy: Drake’s, Public House Downtown, and The Shack are some of the best dog-friendly restaurants in Sacramento.  

You can also visit dog parks like the Truitt Bark Park and Sutters Landing, as well as pet-friendly spots like North Natomas Regional Park and the Midtown Farmers Market.  

A Final Word 

A fully gated and secure mobile home park, Haggins Oaks Estates in Sacramento is perfect for pet parents. With lots of pet-friendly establishments nearby, wide-open spaces under the shade of trees, and like-minded neighbors, you, your family, and your animal companion will feel right at home in our little community. 


We’re just minutes from Town & Country Plaza where you can do most of your daily errands, with lots of local attractions, outdoor recreation facilities, and other places of interest nearby. 


Set up an appointment and come visit us here at Haggins Oaks Estates. Give us a call today at (916) 487-7454.