Winter activities to enjoy with the family around Haggin Oaks Estates


Many people think that winter can be a bit boring. With the cold weather and the withered trees, a city could look like a ghost town. Of course, that depends on the city. If you pick the right place, winter can be an enjoyable and exciting season! Sacramento is such a city. With a thriving community and fun energy, even the coldest of winter days can be quite a happy time!  

If you are wondering what types of activities you can do during winter in Sacramento, check this list out!  

Visit Museums 

There are a lot of museums in Sacramento that are worth visiting. Escape the cold weather by spending half of the day inside a museum learning about new things. You can visit museums, such as the Crocker Art Museum, California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento History Museum, Powerhouse Science Center, and many more! 

Try Ice Skating  

Ice skating is undoubtedly one of the favorite winter activities. It is fun, and it can be done in small or large groups. You can call your best friend or the entire family to do this activity. Spend the afternoon on the skating rink and enjoy a warm cup of beverage afterward. The best-rated skating rinks in the area are Foothill Skate Inn, Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink, and Iceland Ice Skating Rink. So, go check them out! 

Watch the  New Year’s Eve Sky Spectacular 

What is winter and holidays without fireworks and music? In this event, you can cap the year with a truly wonderful experience. Everyone in the family will love it for sure. Live music for the older people, costumes and face paints for the kiddos. There are also food stalls around so that you can bond over food and drinks!  

Go Shopping 

Wintertime carries a lot of important holidays – Christmas, New Year, Hanukah. It is the time when people feel most generous. Naturally, people love to shop for their loved ones. Shopping need not be stressful. You can do it with your family and make a day of it. Go to different bazaars and trade fairs to get the best deals! Global Winter Wonderland is one of the most loved bazaars in the area. Learn more about Global Winter Wonderland  here.  

Learn About Birds 

Sacramento is home to many different bird species in the winter. During this time, you can do a tour of the reserve and parks where they can be found. The best way to learn about birds is by observing them in their natural habitat, so this is an excellent opportunity for the whole family, especially the children, to learn more about these animals.  

Want to find a home like these birds? Look no further. Sacramento is the best place for you. With such a vibrant environment, even during winter, you will surely have the best time here. Check out Haggin Oaks Estates to find great mobile home deals. This community is located at the heart of everything hip and happening!